Joyful tidings

Our true spiritual home is neither this earth nor low spiritual climes. The ancestral home of all of us are the heavens, near GOD, where we originally lived as pure angels.

How is our home? Light, healthy and in harmony. GOD the Lord gave us his first-born, Christ, the only one directly born by HIM, to be our king for all times. 

After some time the second son of GOD, Lucifer, began to think he would do a better job in fulfilling Christ’s duties and responsibilities. So he began to campain. GOD waited for every heavenly creature to come to a descision.

All those who did not clearly decide in favor of Christ could no longer remain in heaven.

We, those who decided wrong, fell to the depths of spiritual night. We became prisoners of the loveless realm of the dead. A deep abyss hindered the fallen ones to return to heaven. 

Further we suffered the loss of those members of our families, which stood by Christ and remained therefor in heaven: parents, siblings, children, duals (our partners).

After some time Christ asked GOD to be allowed to free us from our sin of defection and GOD granted it.

To do this Christ became a man on this earth named Jesus. Heralding the truth and living the love to the neigbour the son of GOD overcame all temptations of evil. Agitated people ridiculed and tormented him. In the end they nailed him to the cross out of injustice. Before he died of the agony he forgave all his tormentors. This way he remaned unbowed in his love to the people and his loyalty to GOD.

Thereupon he stepped up to the fight of spirits against Lucifer in the realm of hell and he was victorious! He now reduced Lucifers power, opened all spiritual prisons and everyone who wants to, is now allowed to return to the freedom of heaven! These are the glad tidings. Since Christ built a bridge, which closed the cleft to our true home. Veryone who wantsto can choose freedom!

But many stained their spiritual dresses again because of recent sins. Since in heaven can only be the pure, it is important for us to get rid of the dirt. This is possible via honest insight and repentance. Insight and repentance are much more important than the duration of stay in darkness. Everyone can offer his insight and repentance in a prayer to GOD - using the name of Jesus Christ - and also the will for reperation. 

If we want to hope for GOD’s remission, it is essential that we forgive all those who have offended us. We should renounce every punishment as far as GOD’s justice permitts. 

It i true that nobody and nothing can impede the one who is willing to return. The personal will is what is important. Everyone who has good intentions will be supported. It is of significance to be open minded to such helpers. 

There is a keyword for th ones returning home which at the same time is the praise of GOD as well as the triumphal call of Jesus Christ: HALLELUJA! Spiritually seen, this word is like a light.

Everyone can take the task to herald this glad tidings. Tell them what Jesus Christ has done for us. How he released us and that in fact erveryone can attain the true, free hme: heaven, again.